A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Originally submitted for My First Game Jam - Summer Edition (2016)

A simple platformer. it has vines and stuff!


Programming / Level design - Jonathan (SuperSpasm)

Programming / Narrative design - Aman (AmanArya)

Art / Animation - Sam (Fallazo)

Music / SFX -Kyle (KyleWynn)

changelog v1.0:

- particle effects - added one more and polished others
- breaking branches - added SFX, will now respawn only after player is grounded
- fixed distance of player from vines when swinging
- changed level design to be more interesting for 2nd half of level
- general polishes for level design
- fixed audio issues
- tweaked climb ease
- adjusted death zones / checkpoints
- fixed BG resolution issues
- added BG cam parallax tracking
- added BG cam zoom
- tweaked text in prologue/epiloge
- tweaked camera zoom speeds
- added discoloration to breakable branches
- added wind SFX
- changed main menu music to ambience

Install instructions

For windows, mac or linux.

Download, unzip and play. (unity executable)


1.0 - Windows.zip 38 MB
1.0 - Mac.zip 50 MB
1.0 - Linux.zip 50 MB


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Thanks for your feedback! glad you didn't get stuck since this version has some bugs.

big update coming soon- lots of bugfixes / features/ improvements!

Edit: Update up now!

really lovely graphics and animations, especially the running animation; it's very fluid and smooth. there's a climactic moment while swinging on the vines that's also really well done -- the way the camera zooms out and the music swells is just perfect. great job!